What is infecting the kids in our community?



It’s infecting children everywhere in my community, Williamson County. It may be genetic, but it is highly contagious from kid to kid. I felt like it was my duty to inform you as I’ve seen signs of it in my own children from time to time. Here are 7 signs your child might be suffering from WilCo-itis:

  1. The idea that any “break” from school demands an amazing vacation.
  2. If you didn’t beach it at 30A, your child may not even consider it “the beach.”
  3. A little man on a horse is no longer a good enough shirt emblem. It has to be a whale or you can just forget it.
  4. Sonic happy hour? No. Frappes from Starbies.
  5. Duckface with a peace sign is the only selfie worth posting on social media.
  6. Expecting a car before their sixteenth birthday.
  7. Nike is so old school, Under Armour and Lulu are the only athletic clothes to be seen in. Even if you’re not being particularly “athletic.”


I know it sounds bad but don’t worry, it can be remedied. Sometimes it stays in the system for a while so it’s hard to kick, but hang in there. The treatment for this is going to be hard, parents. You will have to be vigilant. So here’s the cure:


That’s it. Make your kids do work. Then make them use the money they WORKED TO EARN to pay for their own Starbies and whale shirts. Some other treatments are: phone deprivation, staying home during school breaks, and keeping your money in your own wallet. These are also effective.

Now, I have to warn you, the side effects of the treatment can be brutal. Here are 7 side effects that come with the cure for WilCo-itis.

  1. HEAVY eye-rolling
  2. Huffing
  3. Puffing
  4. Complaining
  5. The phrase “But ___________’s parents don’t make him/her work!”
  6. Overall tiredness
  7. Grouchiness

I know, the side effects look grim especially if you have to live with them every day. Not the kids, you. You will have to live with them every day. It will be hard but I think you can do it. YOU have the ability to raise children that aren’t entitled little jerks running around with their parents’ credit card. YOU are the parent, not the fun/entertainment director. YOUR KIDS ARE NOT THE BOSS OF YOU. You are the boss, and occasionally, you let them make choices and you don’t have to feel bad about it. Even the tweens need (GASP) guidance even though they know everything already. You are equipped to do this. You can cure your kids of this nasty disease and they will be better humans for it. Together we can beat Wilco-itis.


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15 thoughts on “What is infecting the kids in our community?

  1. Nicole Hughes says:

    Cracking. Up. I love this. I am constantly on the lookout for even the slightest hint of entitlement from my kids, so I can take care of that ASAP.


  2. christy waller says:

    This is SO great! And exactly how I was raised. Kids are so busy with too many activities they barely have time to do chores!! We are staying home for Fall Break. Will put on my eye rolling armor!


    • cpallen216 says:

      And ya’ll have a week long break! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we actually did have armor we could put on to deflect all the moaning and sighing and eye rolling? Like it wouldn’t even phase us. I would totally invest in it! Hope ya’ll have a fun break!


  3. Haley says:

    Amen Sister!


  4. Melinda S. says:

    No whales here.


  5. Suzanne says:

    The illness is complicated further if they also suffer from Senior-itus!


  6. Donna says:

    This has been going on for a long time. When our daughter turned 16 in 1998, we split the cost with her for a used Ford probe. It was candy apple red and looked brand new. We bought it from a friend and got a good deal. Our daughter was relieved to have something decent. However, that same weekend, two other friends got brand new sports cars and one of the friends was only 15! Our two “kids” who are now 34 and 37, have gone in two different directions. Our son is very anti materialistic. Our daughter is an Interior Designer and works on million dollar homes so she has gone somewhat in the other direction. Great article! Hang in there!


    • cpallen216 says:

      It’s so strange how kids used to be excited just to have wheels, now, so many of them are picky about what kind of car they want. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t necessarily want to drive a clunker when I was 16 but I knew I wouldn’t be getting a brand new car. The bar just keeps getting set higher and higher.


  7. Emily says:

    This is hilarious and spot on! Please don’t let my boys know that Nike isn’t cool anymore!!


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